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Connect with Jennifer Burrows, an OSEC Parent

Burrows Kids
OSEC is great! I have two kids in OSEC and we love the choices available. Both attend OHS, so they take seated classes, online classes, and Rochester College classes taught at OHS. Since they've both had online classes each semester, they also enjoy the college-style atmosphere in the OSEC lab at the high school, where they've developed nice friendships with students in the same program.

Both are also involved in OHS sports and clubs (Soccer and HOSA - Health Occupation Students of America). Mr. Suckley and Mrs. Merritt are always helpful when it comes to fitting everything into their schedules, including AP and IB classes, Bio-Med classes, as well as Band, Photography, Graphic Arts, and Independent Study. They're looking forward to taking classes at the Rochester College campus in the near future!